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Thank you so much….it was the best time I have had in ages!!!!!

Camper aged 11 Dolphin Challenge 2016


It’s the best way to spend your summer, I just wish it was more than a week!”

Camper aged 15 Kart Camp Silverstone 2017


"They haven’t stopped talking about camp since they got back and can’t wait to return next year”

Parent of two campers 2017


“The team are all really nice - everyone gets along brilliantly here”. 

Camper aged 16 2017


We just wanted to thank you and your fantastic team for giving XXXXX such an amazing week. She couldn't stop telling me one story after another about the fun she had, and how so many of the testimonies touched her. I sat there in the car bubbling with joy as I saw her 'getting it' for herself.


Thank you for taking great care of XXXXX. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. He came home regaling me with bad jokes! You seemed really well organised & there was lots of TLC.


Thank you so much for giving XXXX such a great time at Dolphin Challenge. He was exhausted and happy! He does want to come again next year and hopes that he might bring a friend. Once again, thank you to you and your team for giving Paul such a memorable time.

From a mum whose daughter brought a friend: I spoke to her mum about how she found camp and she said she loved it. She said on the way home to her mum that, "I thought I knew about Jesus but I didn't really. I think I would like to go back to church to learn more".  Her mum also commented that her behaviour has been so much better since she came back.

Thank you for the wonderful camp XXXX went on - he really loved it and we are so excited by how he has grown in so many ways - socially, spiritually as well as a love for sailing! He is already wanting to sign up for next year. Please pass on our gratitude to all the team - we are mindful of the huge amount of work and care that went into making it such a first-class experience for him and for us.

XXXXX had a great time at Dolphin Challenge. He has a renewed interest in Jesus and it is easier to get him to come to church on Sunday mornings.

From a camper: Thank you so much. I have loved Dolphin Challenge, it was the best time I have had in ages!!!!! And it is the best camp ever. I really enjoyed it and everyone was so friendly, all of the staff were really nice and interacted with us, all of the activities were really fun, and the sketches were so funny and I really bonded with God and I really progressed with my Christian life and it was the highlight of my holiday.


"They haven’t stopped talking about camp since they got back and can’t wait to return next year.” - Trevor Rusell (Parent of XXXXX and XXXXX, 15 and 12)


“Thomas has said on many occasions over the past couple of weeks how nice the food was! His words were ‘it was good quality food’… he does like his food!” - Liz Burke (Parent of XXXXX, 13)


“Louis had the BEST time! The first thing he said when he got in the car was about booking on for next summer. He did not stop talking the whole way home about what a fantastic time he had” - Ruth Brockett (Parent of XXXXX, 14)


“The team are all really nice - everyone gets along brilliantly here. Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, Kart Camp Silverstone will change your life!” - XXXXX, 16 (Senior Camper)


“The first year I came I was really scared, but all the leaders were so nice and helped me. Its the best way to spend your summer, I just wish it was more than a week!” - XXXXXX, 15 (Senior Camper)




In 2015 we ran a competition, asking the young people who went on a holiday with us to write a memory, short story or piece of creative writing about their West Runton camp. All of the entries were fantastic - each individual, creative and brilliantly written. Our board of trustees very much enjoyed reading each one and had the tricky task of choosing the winning writer to receive a free 2016 holiday!



Winning competition entry written by Matthew, who attended Lakeland Challenge

West Runton is the best part of my summer! It’s a time for friends, fun, and encounters with God. I could talk all about the amazing opportunities West Runton has given me while I have been going to Lakeland Challenge for the past three years such as ghyll scrambling. Ghyll Scrambling is always a highlight of my week as it bring everyone together and everyone joins in, gets a ‘bit’ wet and we have a laugh. I could also talk about all the amazing evening activities put on by the leaders. The one I remember the most is an evening this summer where everyone joined in a running game (including the leaders!) and no one was left out. While I was sprinting through the woods to outrun the leader chasing me it was amazing to see how everyone could just forget all their problems and come to a West Runton camp. Another highlight for me is the DMC’s or Deep Meaningful Conversations. It’s great that at night all the campers can have an opportunity to chat and discuss problems and deep questions on their own and just be honest with each other. We can talk about anything we want and no one is ridiculed or shouted at, we just listen to each other and sometimes discuss things we feel that we can’t talk about with friends because they wouldn’t understand us, but we know that when we come to a West Runton camp we can share things because everyone there is amazing. Its great how all the campers bond over the week and one particularly treasured memory is the last night of Lakeland Challenge 2015. All the leaders and campers were sat around the fire and there was no distinction between us, we were all just like good friends sitting around a fire. We laughed and we danced, told crazy stories from the week, we sang with the guitar and one particularly patriotic moment was God save the queen! But the best moment of the night was being able to sit on your back with the quiet hum of noise behind you, and the warm glowing fire toasting your back and staring at the clear stars. It really makes you think and reflect and see how amazing God is as an creator. The fire finished around 1am and we all went back to the common room and we played some card games and had a chat. As I draw my memories to a close, some other great memories are the great talks we had from the leaders, the great discussions afterwards where nothing was off limits, one of the leaders Bea eating with no hands and getting rather messy! The banter on the sailing boats, the camaraderie between the campers, the great food, the great activities put on by the leaders, the amazing worship, the fantastic hikes we had. All of it adds up to a lifetime of memories. But the thing I remembemost is the willingness of the leaders to do anything to help us, their effort in setting up the activities and their overall amazing kind heartedr  nature. As I possibly move onto base camp this year I will remember the leaders, the fun, the laughter, the encounters with God, the DMCs, and the leaders, and the friendships that will last a lifetime. Come to West Runton, encounter fun, friends, God, and a lifetime of memories.

Extracts from other fantastic entries!

But my life changed when I attended this camp. I met new people, I made new friends. I listened to what people had to say. I listened to people’s stories. There was one story that got my attention fully - a man called Jamie who had had lots of injuries, was told he might never walk again but he did. He believed in God and God believed in him. Kylie, Surf ImPACT

After cleaning the boat for inspection the crew divided: we left two (whose turn it was to cook dinner) and the rest of us went off to explore...
The island was paradise, covered in sticks and rotten branches. We began to make shelters in which to hide out; we even made a mini tree house. I wished this could go on forever but eventually we heard the leaders calling from the boats saying it was time for dinner. Josiah, Broads Adventure

In the evenings we had ‘Big group’ where we sang songs and listened to leaders’ testimonies. This year Ben taught us lots of different things. One night we talked about the footprints in the sand poem, how Jesus walks next to us in life and when the going gets tough he picks us up and carries us. It’s really nice to know that someone has always got your back whatever life throws at you. After ‘Big group’ we split into our small groups, where we discuss the things we have just heard and anything you want to talk about really! We had a laugh but at the same time we talked about some cool stuff to do with God. Anya, Surf ImPACT

My favourite activity was crate stacking (I got 10 high 3 wide). We had silliest person of the day and they had to wear a hard hat. We had a BBQ and got to toast MARSHMALLOWS on it. It was so cool so I think you should go too. Red, Viney Hill

At Surf imPACT they have a theme day and this could vary from a film to a business. This year it was ‘the apprentice’ this was fun as we had to choose a product out of 4 choices and these were sweet shop, cupcake decorating, deep frame maps or t-shirts and bags. Our team decided to do the cupcake decorating as we thought it would be hard to sell to give ourselves a challenge. My role was to make the logo and to make any signs and boxes to carry plus a mobile shop box that could be carried around the place we were selling to get more sold. This was fun as me and somebody else had to go out and sell the cakes with our mobile cake stand. We had a great time doing this even though we didn’t sell many cakes we had fun trying and shouting cupcakes for sale. Arno, Surf ImPACT

    Ready Steady Cook
                 HunT The leader
         Quizzes at Viney Hill
             Our God Is a great big God
                     At Night it was hard to get to sleep
                         Everyone was nice to me
     The food was Yummy
                Viney Hill
People were my frIends
                       FiLm Night
           Charlie felL down the toilet! Olivia-Jayde, Viney Hill

My favourite day at Surf imPACT was the theme day because we were all competing against each other in groups to win the prize and the theme was the apprentice. We had to make and sell an item in Croyde Market, so my group made cupcakes but the best part was choosing clothes from charity shops to wear in the board room. Rachel, Surf ImPACT

When I think of my week on a ship,
I remember the songs we sang,
When I boarded with a slip and a trip,
I loved the songs we sang,

In a rush to tidy our boat
I listened to the songs they sang,
Doing our chores afloat,
I learned the songs they sang,

Below decks whilst making the tea,
I sang the songs I sing,
And when, from chores we were free,
We practised the songs we sang,


When the ukulele we brought was found,
We strummed the songs we sang,
When we actually made a good sound,
We played the songs we sang,


When we knew everybody was listening,
We shouted the songs we sang,
When the water beside us was glistening,
We sang the songs we sang,


And after the week slipped away,
I remembered the songs we sang,
I love them still to this day,
I love the songs we sang. Molly, Broads Adventure